Thoroughclean P13R-40CE Petrol Portable Pressure Washer Released into the Australian Market

The ThoroughClean Pressure Cleaner product range continues to evolve. With the latest release of the ThoroughClean P13R-40CE petrol portable pressure washer.

Through the Queensland-based ThoroughClean design and engineering team. They have continued the tradition of design excellence in pressure cleaners.

The P13R-40CE is a heavy-duty, rental specification portable petrol pressure cleaner with the power to get the job done. This portable water blaster is ideal for any job that demands high pressure and/or flow in a rugged, tough environment.

This latest product development has gone through extensive testing and can be used across a diverse range of industries. We know Australia has some of the toughest conditions in the world. That is why the P13R-40CE is designed, engineered, and constructed right here in Queensland.

The ThoroughClean engineering and production team prides themselves on delivering robust, quality washers and cleaners that last.

What’s in a P13R-40CE

The Engine

The P13R-40CE uses a genuine 13HP Honda GX390 electric start engine.

It's no surprise that Australian conditions are some of the harshest in the world. That's why Honda has made sure their petrol engine range will withstand these conditions, be it heavy rain, unrelenting heat or intolerable dust storms during severe drought. They back it with the Honda Australia’s Green and Gold guarantee and warranty.

Petrol pressure washers are often the better choice for larger, more demanding cleaning tasks.

The pump and bypass

The Hawk Triplex Pump is set to 4000 PSI, but rated at 4300 PSI and delivers a superior flow of 15 litres per minute while giving you the best reliability. The duration in the pump is intentional as it prolongs the pump life, ensuring the best return on investment.

The by-pass valve is a Pulsar Zero 35, which allows ZERO PSI stored downstream when in by-pass.