Flexihire and Thoroughclean Partnering Together

Flexihire ensures our customers receive the best possible cleaning solutions using Thoroughclean equipment.

Thoroughclean has consistently held its high standard of product quality and customer service throughout the covid-19 pandemic. This has allowed Flexihire to supply our customers with high-quality cleaning products.

The 4000 Psi hot water blaster trailers are one of the most popular options within our extensive range, supplied by Thoroughclean. This is due to the high-quality workmanship of the product and its ability to meet and exceed our customers’ highly diverse needs.

The Flexihire fleet includes both hot and cold temperature water blasters with PSI ranges from 1500 psi to 4000 psi. This extensive range from Thoroughclean caters to various tasks from as small as household cleaning, to the harsh environments of a mine site.

Even with major disruptions to supply lines throughout the pandemic, Thoroughclean has always maintained a high level of service for sourcing parts and machines with minimal impact on Flexihire’s ability to trade. This has allowed Flexihire to always ensure that Thoroughclean water blasters are always in peak condition.

Our ambition to give our customers the best possible equipment made choosing Thoroughclean as our water blaster supplier an easy decision.

Flexihire’s extensive range of Thoroughclean water blasters include:

  • Trailer mounted water blasters (Hot and Ambient Temperature)
  • Freestanding water blasters ranging from 1500Psi to 4000Psi
  • Firefighting Pods

Thoroughclean’s high-quality equipment and logical design have made their equipment easy to use. Making their equipment ideal for both large company projects and DIY needs. 

Flexihire values the consistently high level of service and high-quality water blasters that Thoroughclean delivers. This has formed a prosperous and ongoing relationship.

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With our full range of pressure washers available, we understand that owning your own pressure washer is the right fit for your business. Talk to our team today to purchase outright a pressure cleaning solution tailored made for you.

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We offer a wide range of pressure washers for rental directly to the public at competitive rates, meeting your every pressure washer need.

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Our factory-trained technicians will repair and service all pressure cleaners either in our workshop or on your site.

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We can provide a full range of pressure cleaner and pump parts and service kits supplied at competitive prices for all our models. As well as for a range of our competitors' makes and models of water blasters.

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We don’t just sell pressure cleaners. We have dedicated engineers and technicians that design, manufacture and maintain one of the best pressure washers on the market With a dedicated technical support team, we can help you find the best solution for your pressure cleaner problems.

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You can access our FREE online training covering Class A machines. This offers great value to end users ensuring safe operation of your water blaster. As well as ensuring your training records are up to date.

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