Diesel driven Fire Fighting Trailers – Petrol driven Fire Fighting Trailer

Fire Fighting Trailers a hot commodity

ThoroughClean Water Blasters has launched both a petrol and diesel driven Fire Fighting Trailer with multiple units already sold to Hire & Rental companies – already fighting fires and saving property.

As things heat up for summer so does risk for bush fires. And with lots of bush in Australia, there is always a demand whether it is to fight a fire or to do controlled

burn-offs. But these trailers are equally suited to cart water from A to B (as a stock watering trailer) with a choice of a 1,000 litre tank in either a square IBC or oval Poly tank.

There is a choice of a HONDA petrol or YANMAR diesel engine using a double impeller Davey Fire Fighting Plus pump. This allows for fast tank filling and extra pressure with a

far reaching water stream.

A hose reel with 30 meters fire fighting hose gives you access to difficult to reach places.

The fire fighting trailers have been specially adapted to the Equipment Rental Industry’s requirements: 

  • Engines are fitted with hour meters – to help schedule maintenance
  • Emergency stops are installed
  • Lockable battery isolator switches are installed
  • Mechanical disk brakes are incorporated in tow hitch
  • Trailers are supplied ready for on-road registration with LED lights and side clearance lights
  • A hot dipped Heavy Duty Galvanized frame is used
  • The engine-Pump assembly is not hard mounted, but mounted on its own galvanized sub-frame which is vibration mounted on the trailer frame – protecting the engine-pump assembly against knocks during travel over rough terrain
  • Heavy duty 2-ton axle, 4×4 Landcruiser style tyres, mounted spare wheel, battery in battery box

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